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Meet Aqweci: a dark, tall and outspoken student at the University of Ghana with passion and ability for writing, blogging and journalism.

He enjoys dazzling in issues that relate to society in general, be it health, politics, education, you name it; though us (his colleagues at the community) prefer to call him a social critic and in a good way because Aqweci is truly an expert in such matters.

Nana K


Our residential sports expert Nana K is an ambitious 21 year old university student whose dream is to make Ghana a better place for his peers.

He puts his heart into everything he does and sees it through. He’s a perfectionist. Nana is not only a sports expert but also very knowledgeable on many other subjects including current affairs, music and even fashion. He hopes to make more noise in the future and we, his community colleagues, are right behind him. As someone once said: a man can dream. We hope Nana’s dreams come true.

Nathaniel Osei Kwame

Nathaniel Osei Kwame pursued his undergraduate programme at the University of Education, Winneba, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in English Language Education in 2014. Before his graduation, he published a literature textbook entitled “Literature and the Literate” which is being used by some second cycle schools. He is also a literary writer who writes in all the genres of literature, especially poetry. In effect, he has many poems to his credit some of which had already been published. He received his Senior High School education at Bisease Senior High School – the school that made him develop a fond love for literature.

Kofi Darko

Kofi Darko passport
Kofi Darko sees himself as a dutiful and professionally disciplined journalist who has the capability to identify what news is, what will interest readership, to follow the potential news item, gather and probe it until enough news worthy content is achieved and to write it accurately and fairly for publication. He is a quick learner with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.