Is something wrong with joy in vast technology?

“Technology isn’t here to only change the way you do things but also here to change the perception on things you need to do.” Bennis Amu

The relevant question that propagates from a debate on the value certain technology devices offer will be something like this “Is my device depriving me of my innate talent or enhancing my innate weakness as a human being?”

To completely rely on technology is to embrace the belief that one could never be secured, happy or healthy without the clubs of technology.

To believe technology has the only force of change you need or power to make things easy is a fallacy to certain degrees. Technology provides a shortcut. However some of these advancements come with special unidentified problems. The narrow way has always been better than the broad.

Let’s talk about the things we have come to believe are benefits of technology.

  • More to learn!!! The greedy learner – She wants to know everything the easy way. And technology deceives you, “You must know a lot of things since you started using the internet!” But how true is what’s true ? Knowing a lot doesn’t make you valuable like knowing a lot of right things. Information that does not transform you is as useless as food you can’t digest. Education? Respectfully, ipads, smart phones, computers, were made to aid teachers and students. The irony is when you believe you can’t perform a task without it. In a situation where technology fails, what happens to the power in your hands to execute the task? The power of believe or un-believe transcends. Thus, technology is here to change what we believe about how to do things. “I must drive when I can walk.” Doctor says, “You have to exercise to lose weight.” What a waste of time and money! Blame it on the technology! ” I can’t walk straight anymore! Doctor says I have a posture problem!” Blame it on the technology. “They are ready to develop a bomb instead of resolving their differences.” Blame it on the technology ! “I can’t stop thinking about that pornography when I’m with you.” Blame it on technology! “Too much fraud ! This digital marketing thing deserves felony”. Blame it on your technology!

Let’s join our lips to say, “Technology is as a good as the problem it solves and as bad as advertising. Thinking smart doesn’t break your skull. Work with technology when you need to, not all the time.”

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