By Lukman Abubakari

As Ghana goes for the polls in December 7 this year, it is the responsibility of every Ghanaian to ensure peace before, during and after the elections. Let’s all try to maintain the pride we are currently enjoying as the leading democracy in Africa.The 1992 constitution has guaranteed every citizen of Ghana who is eighteen years of age or above and of sound mind, the right to vote and to register as a voter for the purposes of public elections and referendum. Owing to this, I urge every registered Ghanaian to exercise their right come December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections.

I am a floating voter, not NDC, NPP, PPP among others and I share with majority of the legal population of Ghana, the necessity of self- reliance and personal responsibility. As we head for the December polls, it is imperative that we refrain from electing to offices of president and parliament, candidates whose backgrounds are questionable and not open to public scrutiny. The people who are elected to public office, at any level, are required to protect and improve the safety and economic conditions of all the people. If we want to maintain or improve the greatness, the generosity and the concern for one another that made Ghana an example of a good many of Africa and the world held in empathy, we must make serious changes in the attitude we project in regards to the ideas and desires of public office seekers.
If we ever desire to bridge the gaps in development, then we must stop electing leaders to public offices based on “feel good effect” thus electing candidates based on tribal lines, religion lines among others. As a Development Planner, I would like to incentivize every registered Ghanaian to vote based on three key issues, thus Unemployment, Inequality and Poverty. What is happening to unemployment, inequality and poverty? Are they increasing or decreasing? When you get to the polls, reflect on your situation and vote.
Leadership is key in driving societal change and development hence Ghanaians voters must scrutinize the choices before them during general elections. Every registered Ghanaian must know that, your vote is evidence of your sovereignty as an individual and therefore you must learn to use it positively to choose leaders who manage your affairs and better your lot. Never throw that power away.

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