But for some reasons….

Today is just a morning after yesterday’s turmoil. I banged on the door with such an extreme rage and vibe. I was running away because apparently, I was not expecting any reply. It is painful because I knew every answer to every question that I might be asking and it has always been an indirect conversation between myself and I even when it’s between you and I………

I am painstakingly taking every pain to write out my voice. Obviously, I am now afraid to talk anymore. It is the most complicated days of my life and yet I am dancing in the raindrops thinking I am a hero. But deep down within me I take a sigh, I cry and I pray fervently………

I have been a good soldier who has hustled so hard for the best. Maybe you won’t understand the fact that I’m feeling worse and less or is it that you can’t really tell that we are living in the lights that bring the same plight?…….

Maybe I should keep listening to these same sad slow songs. Maybe I should keep wishing for a spellbinding family while I’m young and boisterous. Maybe I should stop waking from this bed of roses so I could dream harder……..

Now I don’t want to go through those nostalgic memories. They quiver my heart. And I probably don’t want to lie through my teeth about any unfounded feelings. I frankly don’t want to walk around peeping through these tunnels of despair. They won’t make me a good man….

Maybe I should only write to inspire people and whoever we can call love. Maybe I should stop wishing that stars will fall while it’s snowy……….

But for some reasons, I want you to curl up with your head on my chest because that’s the best remedy to cure my pain and stress.

Meanwhile, at the moment, I am only sitting close to the window gaping into somewhere; nowhere. Sadly with my chin in my palm, I am thoroughly enjoying every resentment that this window pain bestows….(refer to pic below)…….

©Isaac’s poetry….14th Feb,2016

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